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Hi INT !

This is my first article for you guys (since a whiiile) so I want it to be original :D

I want to talk about the hair because it is soooo precious

I don’t know about you, but I’m losing a lot of hair everyday when I wash or style them and I always thought they could be used before being thrown.

Months ago, I learned about an association of hairdressers that collects your hair.
The idea is to produce some kinds of sausages to clean up the seas, oceans and ports.
I find this idea so cool!! :)
This association is called « Les coiffeurs justes » and was created in 2015 by a hairdresser in the South of France, named Thierry Gras.
He says ’’It is the only raw material that costs nothing, decontaminates, isolates and is never buried or incinerated’’.
You can learn more → here.

There are other associations that recycle hair, I link their websites below ↓

The cut hair is recyclable forever and is useful in many ways :
Wigs for cancer patients
❥ Soil fertilization in agriculture (compost)
❥ Thermal and sound insulation in the building
Depollution by filtration of water and hydrocarbons
Treat severe burns

What about you? Do you want to try?
What do you think about these kind of associations?
Are there other associations in your country that also recycle the hair?

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See how my hair grows....I could give around 1cm of ir per year. I am not the best person for it :))

But it is a great initiative
I was doing it with "fake hair don't care", I already dit it in 2012 and I was talking about it to my hairdresser, who call me when she find news customers who accept to give theirs hair !

And, in my job, I also met a customer who makes wigs, and when the hair I send are refused, I give it to her because she said "Ican do something with ten centimeters) (et some associations refuse to take the hair below 20 centimeters !)

right now, I let grow my hair for that (and I can't colour them, and I have soooooo many greys) but it don't want to grow so fast like I was young... But I still try anyway !
My hairdresser collects hair to clean oceans, I find it's such a good initative ! I don't cry anymore when I go to hairdresser now :D

I've also give my hair ones to "Think Pink" an association for cancer patients. They used to ask for 20cm which is already a lot but now they don't take anymore under 30 ! Soooo, i think i'll never donate my hair again ! :/
I should give my beard rather than my hair. 😂
#753298 : and you will win some years !!! 🤣
#753297 : "My hairdresser collects hair to clean oceans"

OMG that's so cool!!! Wish all hair salons did the same
I had very long hair until Xmas when I got it cut and really wanted my hairdresser to send it for wigs.
He said he couldn't do it because my hair was dyed but it wasn't!!! and it was too late and all over the floor.... Was really gutted
I go to the hair dresser 2 or 3 times a year, mainly to color them in red and cut the little damaged part. I don't know what my hair dresser does with the cut hair, I'm not sure dyed hair is the best to clean ocean, when I see the colour of the water right after they got dyed...
It looks like a blood bath for a few wash.
Taht's interesting but I don't have hait anymore (I just shave them)
#753299 :

Complètement 😂
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